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What's Included 🤔

Week 01

🎉 Your Why - Elina’s Journey into Inclusive Product Development

Elina shares her journey into inclusive product development, from a music education start-up to uncovering industry biases. Reflect on societal values and start your own journey toward creating equitable products.

Week 02

📊 Design Research with Sarv - The Fallacy of the Average Person in Healthcare

Sarv explores the complexities of healthcare design and the dangers of designing for the "average" person. Through real-world examples and thought-provoking questions, she challenges designers to consider diversity, inclusion, and the impact of their work on vulnerable populations.

Week 03

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💻 Accessibility With Aadi

Aadi talks about his experience as someone with the lived experience of being blind as he navigates the world of climate startups and tech.

Week 04

🧠 Building with Roy

Roy walks through how he created a team environment at Culture Amp that puts accessibility at the forefront and empowers everyone to take part.

Week 05

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🪴 Measuring Success with Laura - Equity in Metrics

Laura explores how to measure product success with an emphasis on equity. Learn about different scenarios and their implications, and discover how to implement ethical measurement processes that truly reflect your product’s impact on diverse communities.

Week 06

👋 Ethical Marketing with Steven

Steven chats about a campaign he launched with a Unilever subsidiary that focused on diverse creative and ethical data tracking that blew the target market away (and was the highest performing campaign to date).


A woman smiling, wearing a denim jacket, and a black top.

📷 Designing with Equity - Lessons from Pop’s Digital Journey

Laura comes back to share a personal story about her grandfather’s experience with digital technology. Discover practical ways to design for diverse users, ensuring your products are inclusive and accessible. This email highlights the impact of thoughtful, equitable design on people’s lives.
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