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Video screenshot of a user test for Stripe
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User Test Length: 11 minutes
Insights: 6 key improvements
Wins: 2 celebrations
Impact: 100+ million website visitors
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User Test Length: 12 minutes
Insights: 5 key improvements
Wins: 3 celebrations
Impact: 600,000+ monthly users

Digital accessibility solutions.

Did you know 1 in 5 of your users has a disability and their annual spending power is $8 trillion?

From user testing to certification, start your journey by connecting to real users with the lived experience of disability.

User Testing

Enhance your digital accessibility with real feedback from users with disabilities. Our User Testing service ensures your products are both compliant and user-friendly.

Starting at $100 per user test.

Accessibility Certification

Achieve recognized standards in digital inclusivity with our Accessibility Certification. Showcase your commitment to accessibility with our certification badge.

Accessibility Audits

Our Accessibility Audits identify and rectify barriers on your digital platforms. Get actionable insights to make your website or app accessible to all.

Training & Community Engagement

Empower your team with our training on digital accessibility and inclusive design. Deepen your understanding through direct engagement with the disability community.

Feb's Featured User Tester

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Meet Aadi! Living in Melbourne, currently traveling through Florida, Aadi is passionate about sustainability, climate, & web3. He also does stand-up comedy! Aadi is blind and uses a screen reader to more easily navigate the digital world.
Web 3
Stand Up Comedy

Training & Community Engagement

User Testing

Accessibility Audits

Accessibility Certification

Training & Communication Engagement

User Testing

Accessibility Audits

Accessibility Certification

Training & Community Engagement

User Testing

Accessibility Audits

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What teams are saying

First of all, this is really really cool. For background, I am a visual designer, and I do not code, so I heavily rely on a visual website creator to do the heavy lifting. Seeing it BREAK like that was really eye opening and I really appreciate you bringing that to my attention. This is a great product.
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Aditi Rajagopal
Experience Design at Meta
Thank you so much! I really appreciate this very detailed feedback. I've shared the video with the team and drafted a list of things we should prioritize to improve the experience based on your recommendations. I hope I'll be able to update you soon when we have made the changes! Again, thank you 🙏
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Julie Chabin
Head of Design at Product Hunt
My experience with Hello Access so far has been incredible! Hello Access provided insights into our project from a panellist who uses a screen reader to navigate the internet. The insights from this review were extremely helpful because we were able to see the real-world impact of an issue alongside actionable advice to resolve it. The ability to see the recording of the panellist interacting with our product and going through the user journey was extremely enlightening.
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Laura Kerrison
Senior Digital Designer
I feel embarrassed to admit it, but I've never thought about the functionality of our website for users with disabilities. The 20-minute audit that Julius ran provided an overview of all of the opportunities we have to improve it, making it truly accessible for everyone.
A woman drinking a coffee with the logo Coffee Supreme.
Sophie Evans
Marketing Manager at Coffee Supreme
As someone who is passionate about fostering a culture strong in DI&B at work, I'm always open to learning more about how to make a company more inclusive. Speaking with Steven and watching Julius use the screen reader has now got me thinking about accessibility from a whole new angle for which I am extremely grateful.
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Varun Bhandarkar
Manager, Existing Business APAC & Japan
This was SO cool!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I've never seen someone read a website with a screen reader, so I learned so much – for example, I never really knew before why the header hierarchies mattered. But now that I've seen this, it's obvious why they matter!
A woman smiling, wearing a green top and a black cardigan.

Lauren Peate
CEO at Multitudes
Akahu is for all Kiwis, so we knew that we needed specific design input to ensure broad accessibility. Steven and Julius were fast, competent, and excellent communicators of their findings. Highly recommend.
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Josh Daniell
CEO at Akahu

Our Three step process.

Every project gets access to our online portal where you can track and improve your accessibility changes over time.


Access Our Accessibility Panel

Engage with our experienced accessibility specialists who bring their own lived experiences. They'll navigate your website or product, providing a recorded journey with insights on assistive technology use and practical advice for enhancements.


Tailored Testing Solutions

From a single empathy-building video review to a comprehensive series of user tests for your latest features, we customize our services to meet your specific needs. Our team carefully selects testers to ensure the most effective and relevant evaluation for your project.


Insightful Issue Tracking

Our user tests are seamlessly integrated into our platform, simplifying the process of sharing insights and driving improvements. You'll gain access to a detailed overview of identified accessibility issues, complete with explanations and the ability to track your progress and enhancements over time.

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