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First of all, this is really really cool. For background, I am a visual designer, and I do not code, so I heavily rely on a visual website creator to do the heavy lifting. Seeing it BREAK like that was really eye opening and I really appreciate you bringing that to my attention. This is a great product.

Aditi Rajagopal

Aditi Rajagopal
Experience Design at Meta

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this very detailed feedback. I've shared the video with the team and drafted a list of things we should prioritize to improve the experience based on your recommendations. I hope I'll be able to update you soon when we have made the changes! Again, thank you ūüôŹ


Julie Chabin

Julie Chabin
Head of Design at Product Hunt

I feel embarrassed to admit it, but I've never thought about the functionality of our website for users with disabilities. The 20-minute audit that Julius ran provided an overview of all of the opportunities we have to improve it, making it truly accessible for everyone.

A women in a white top smiling and drinking coffee out of a mug.

Sophie Evans
Marketing Manager at Coffee Supreme

As someone who is passionate about fostering a culture strong in DI&B at work, I'm always open to learning more about how to make a company more inclusive. Speaking with Steven and watching Julius use the screen reader has now got me thinking about accessibility from a whole new angle for which I am extremely grateful.

Varun Bhandarkar

Varun Bhandarkar
Manager, Existing Business APAC & Japan

This was SO cool!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I've never seen someone read a website with a screen reader, so I learned so much ‚Äď for example, I never really knew before why the header hierarchies mattered. But now that I've seen this, it's obvious why they matter!


Lauren Peate

Lauren Peate
CEO at Multitudes

Akahu is for all Kiwis, so we knew that we needed specific design input to ensure broad accessibility. Steven and Julius were fast, competent, and excellent communicators of their findings. Highly recommend.

Josh Daniell

Josh Daniell
CEO at Akahu

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